Cornerstone's Shannon McGinley Triumphs in WMUR Debate on NH's 24-Week Abortion Restriction - Granite Grok

Cornerstone’s Shannon McGinley Triumphs in WMUR Debate on NH’s 24-Week Abortion Restriction

Shannon McGinley Cornerstone Action

Adam Sexton, political director at WMUR, hosted a debate between Leah Cohen of the Reproductive Freedom Fund of NH and Shannon McGinley of Cornerstone Action about the language in HB2, the NH budget trailer bill, that restricts abortions after 24 weeks gestation.

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Leah Cohen, who is also press secretary for Granite State Progress, was stiff, reading all her talking points from cue cards, and came across as unfeeling and snarky. Leah also repeatedly referred to mothers-to-be with the politically correct and bizarre term “pregnant people.” 

Shannon was on point throughout the debate, demonstrated her knowledge about the issues and her concern for the mothers and babies, and won it hands down.

Watch the debate below:

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