603 Alliance RevCon 2021 - Trevor Loudon: "China's War inside America" Part 1 and Part 2 - Granite Grok

603 Alliance RevCon 2021 – Trevor Loudon: “China’s War inside America” Part 1 and Part 2


This is the 603 Alliance’s RevCon 2021 address by Trevor Loudon: “China’s War inside America.”

RevCon was a series of meetings where new activists could meet seasoned ones to learn “How do I do something about this – and take back my Government from those that are imposing such philosophies upon MY child?”. They also brought in activists to talk about other issues that the Left is barreling down the train tracks as “the next, NEXT thing” meant to disrupt, distort, and transmography to change American norms even more towards Marxism.

Part 1:


Part 2:


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RevCon was the brainchild of the 603 Alliance that saw that ordinary folks, Right AND Left, were rising up to fight Critical Race Theory that is being taught in schools across New Hampshire. Parents weren’t consulted, they weren’t asked, they weren’t polled but their employees (school staff and teachers) and elected Representatives (School Board members decided they know what is best for both Parents and their children – and have gone all in. And they are turning on Parents that simply said that you will NOT call my children racists or victim simply due to the color of their skin.