With HB544 Dead It's Time to Start Suing NH Schools - CRT Violates NH Anti-Bullying Laws - Granite Grok

With HB544 Dead It’s Time to Start Suing NH Schools – CRT Violates NH Anti-Bullying Laws


This is not the first time I’ve brought this up, but since the legislative effort to prevent this abuse has failed, it’s time to look for bigger guns. Lawyers and lawsuits as far as the eye can see.

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This is my opinion, not legal advice, so ask a lawyer before you proceed but in my opinion, Critical Race Theory (CRT) is the sanctioned race-shaming of students and faculty. It is not protected speech. And I feel confident it violates existing anti-bullying laws meant to protect children in public schools.


I. All pupils have the right to attend public schools, including chartered public schools, that are safe, secure, and peaceful environments. One of the legislature’s highest priorities is to protect our children from physical, emotional, and psychological violence by addressing the harm caused by bullying and cyberbullying in our public schools.
II. Bullying in schools has historically included actions shown to be motivated by a pupil’s actual or perceived race, color, religion, national origin, ancestry or ethnicity, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, age, physical, mental, emotional, or learning disability, gender, gender identity and expression, obesity, or other distinguishing personal characteristics, or based on association with any person identified in any of the above categories.
III. It is the intent of the legislature to protect our children from physical, emotional, and psychological violence by addressing bullying and cyberbullying of any kind in our public schools, for all of the historical reasons set forth in this section, and to prevent the creation of a hostile educational environment.


Wait, There’s More!


I.(a) “Bullying” means a single significant incident or a pattern of incidents involving a written, verbal, or electronic communication, or a physical act or gesture, or any combination thereof, directed at another pupil which:

(1) Physically harms a pupil or damages the pupil’s property;

(2) Causes emotional distress to a pupil;

(3) Interferes with a pupil’s educational opportunities;

(4) Creates a hostile educational environment; or

(5) Substantially disrupts the orderly operation of the school.

(b) “Bullying” shall include actions motivated by an imbalance of power based on a pupil’s actual or perceived personal characteristics, behaviors, or beliefs, or motivated by the pupil’s association with another person and based on the other person’s characteristics, behaviors, or beliefs.


And on and on we go.

This means that teaching any curriculum that shames children based on race or ethnic identity is against the law. That’s the foundation of CRT!

If your school district allows this, you need to gather up resources and support and start talking to a lawyer. You may have a case against the superintendent, school board members, principlas, or even individual teachers that are, by definition, allowing students to be systematically bullied at your expense.

And smile when you do it. The left pushed hard for these laws, and if, by chance, you have a white LGBT student, you get extra points for multiple violations based on race and gender identity.

One final note. Gov. Sununu was instrumental in getting the Senate to kill off HB544. As I warned weeks ago, there could be a price to pay, and since the legislative solution is off the table, only legal remedies remain – assuming I’m right.

I’m not a lawyer, but CRT clearly meets the definition of bullying in NH, and the District’s never going to stop doing it unless parents and taxpayers make them stop.

One more point. Your local version may have some strange unconfrontational sounding name but if it is still race-shaming and bullying you may need to consider legal action.