"When I See the Collective Individually Take Responsibility for Their Own Lives I'll Care" - Granite Grok

“When I See the Collective Individually Take Responsibility for Their Own Lives I’ll Care”

School children mask

This plays into last night’s School Board meeting where the big topic was getting the School Board to vote to rescind the Mask Mandate on their little ones. Especially in this heat and specifically in our Elementary School where there is no air conditioning.

Yes, it is an old, OLD school. So, this:


Care for the Collective


And I think this reply (as Glenn put it, the replies are telling so I went and looked) pretty much sums up the feeling of most of us on the Right:


Collective being responsible for itself


While it seems that Bruce Currie has exited Stage Left from GraniteGrok (no, I didn’t ban him but warned him that constantly doing the “ad hom” attacks would yield that result), his mantra during the whole WuFlu pandemic is that it is our DUTY to protect others.

Well, Bruce, as the Supreme Court has decided (twice) that police do not have to protect individuals, even in immediate danger or distress, why do we? He constantly hectors everyone that it is our OBLIGATION to wear a mask even though we with the scientific backgrounds kept telling this retired teacher was all wet.

Disputing the science has become politicized.

The above-captured tweets encapsulate what Currie was trying to do – enforce a new societal norm that puts the Collective above the individual.  He made it abundantly clear that anyone that didn’t listen to his Berni-Bro admonitions (e.g., the Collective ALWAYS should be put first) was evil, selfish, and kicked puppies for fun.

Sorry, it doesn’t work that way.

It is neither my job nor my responsibility to take care of strangers. Sure, I’ll help WHEN I WANT TO (and have done so out of the goodness of my heart). You know that whole Volunteerism bit. But as AmericanDingle points out in the second tweet (just not in the same way), when EVERYONE is forced into a job or responsibility, then no one is (e.g., from the Incredibles: “when everyone is special, no one is special”).

Bruce falls into the trap of human nature which is endemic of Socialism. That human nature can be forcibly “evolved” (it can’t, it only creates resentment). By claiming that everyone is responsible for everyone else, the result is that people shy away from that responsibility.

They decide that as long as everyone else is caring for them, who gives a poop what they have to do for themselves?

And that’s why we on the Right, Bruce, either ignored you or told you off. You cannot create and enforce an obligation on me without my consent and consent I won’t.

We at GraniteGrok even decided to voluntarily help out a very Progressive NH blogger years ago when she was in a bad accident – we put the obligation on ourselves to help out a fellow blogger in her time of need. Effectively, we did what Bruce wanted.

She’s treated us like dirt ever since. Not even a thank you in return (and GraniteGrok was either the top or second most amount donated to her to help meet the medical costs).

She’s now the example of why I won’t “care for the Collective” because they 1) take it for granted, 2) actually expect that their needs will be met, 3) show no gratitude towards others that gave of themselves to help them.

And that, my dears, is how the Collective system works: “Money for nothin’ and your chicks for free” as the old song goes.

(H/T: Instapundit)

And I think this is a fitting ending as well – The Left is only consistent when it is THEIR Narrative being gored, not when it harshes it:

Lying about vacination lying about voter ID