What If the Delta Variant of COVID Is Caused by the Vaccine and the Vaccinated Are Spreading It to the Unvaccinated? - Granite Grok

What If the Delta Variant of COVID Is Caused by the Vaccine and the Vaccinated Are Spreading It to the Unvaccinated?

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US News Outlets are expanding a narrative. It is not yet embedded into the collective conscience, but they’d like it to be; most new COVID deaths are among the unvaccinated. The problem, Well, there are at least two.

First, a majority of the people supposedly dying “unvaccinated” are most likely to be the sort of people the Left could do without. Me, for example. The Conservatarian Constitutional-Republic-Loving rabble-rousers. Those folks who react unkindly to being forced to wear masks or distance.

Being rid of us would make their day, and yet we have Liberal news outlets expressing concern about a rising number of them dying by their own swords, so to speak. You made your maskless, unvaccinated bed now die in it.

The second problem?

Over in the UK, where the so-called Delta Variant is running wild, at least half the people reportedly dying from COVID are vaccinated.


Since the 1st February 2021, there have been 73 alleged Covid deaths within 28 days of a positive test result due to the Delta Covid variant. However, only 46.5% of these deaths were people who had not been vaccinated. Whilst 36.6% of the deaths were people who had been fully vaccinated for at least two weeks. A further 13.7% of the deaths were people who’d had one dose of a Covid vaccine at least 21 days prior to infection.

In all 50.68% of the deaths occurred in people who had received at least one dose of the Covid-19 vaccine. A further two deaths occurred in which Public Health England had not ascertained whether the person had received a dose of the Covid vaccine.


And not just in the UK.


As Israel faces a surge in cases driven by the Delta variant, its health officials suggested that as many as half of new cases were among people who’d been vaccinated.


The rising terrorism over the Delta V is the teaser trailer. The “common soon” advertising for the public health tyranny show set for release this fall. Blame the unvaccinated. Get your children jabbed because they’re next. Sure, next in line to get jabbed, but not much else, unless, of course, they do.

If nearly 51% of death are among those vaccinated, then the vaccine is as worthless as the political response. But the real danger is neither any new version of COVID19 or the likelihood of your expiration with or without the latest cure. It is the idea that unvaccinated people are responsible for the deaths of the vaccinated.

It’s not a new narrative. The entire political response to COVID 1.0 was based on it.

And we need to get in front of it.

As the reader who sent me these lines noted. What if the Vaccine is the source of Delta V, to which I’ll add, “what if the source of Delta V is those jabbed with the experimental vaccine and they are spreading it to the unvaccinated?


HT | A Reader who sent me the links