Tuesday Overnight Thread - The Having Nothing to Do with Public Schools Edition - Granite Grok

Tuesday Overnight Thread – The Having Nothing to Do with Public Schools Edition

Fauci or your dog

A certain can of worms, having been opened, will continue to spill across our pages for a while and it must. It can herald much-needed change, but that’s but one of many things we must address. Another is Medicalism, Scientism, Fascism (Fauciism).

To that end, we get stuff, you may have heard, and so much we cannot always share even a fraction. Sometimes, I try.

Tonight, we have a partial link dump on COVID-related content featuring his eminence, Tony the Fauci including how he went to “bat” for the Wuhan Lab.

Thanks to David for the link curation, all his effort that and much appreciated with an understanding that we’re not making any claim to the accuracy of the reporting at these links. Just that there are more, that the patterns are layered and complex and there.


Anthony Fauci, Dr. Evil: He has committed crimes against humanity
** Forget locking him up.  I’m old school.  Impale.
Evidence Suggests Genetic Manipulation in Covid 19
** From the same site:
Gravitas: Why did the Wuhan Lab take a database of “22,000 virus samples” offline?
** I’m not an evolutionary biologist but I know enough to be dangerous.  If this truly evolved, there should be cousins around in the same area.  Where are they?
What happened when Trump tried to stop U.S. funding for the Communist Chinese Wuhan Lab
** Why this obsessive drive to fund the lab?
BOMBSHELL: Defector Claims to Have Evidence That Chinese Military Coordinated Creation and Release of COVID-19
** If they actually have vettable, verifiable evidence of this, that’s causus belli if I ever heard it.  And not just by America, but the entire world,
against China.
Wuhan Lab Partner Dr. Ralph Baric Reviewed Coronavirus Vaccine in December 2019 – After Scheming in 2018 on How to Make Money from Pandemic
** The dates don’t add up to ANY innocent explanation.
Stunning video reveals Daszak and WHO lied when claiming no bats in the Wuhan Lab
** This is my shocked face.
COVID truthers aren’t new: Anti-vaccination conspiracy theories go back hundreds of years
** Note the smearing as “truthers” anyone who questions The Jab.  As though there could be no legitimate reason for questioning The Narrative.
CDC to no longer ‘count’ cases of post vax Covid19 unless they die or are hospitalized
** Control the information flow, and you control the conclusions people reach.
Shades Of Scientism: Fauci Likens Science To God, Himself As Priest