ICYMI: It was the Obama Admin that Gave Cities Cash to Buy Bearcats to 'Militarize' Local Cops - Granite Grok

ICYMI: It was the Obama Admin that Gave Cities Cash to Buy Bearcats to ‘Militarize’ Local Cops

MRAPS for cops

New Hampshire has a Law Enforcement commission now.  Governor Sununu made it appear with the stroke of a pen. They are going to evaluate “policing” and junk to make sure there’s no systemic racism or something.

The 13-member panel created by the governor will be led by the attorney general’s office and include representation from police, a circuit court judge, the NAACP, members of human rights, diversity, mental health groups and the public.

In related news, someone associated with Black Lives Matter in Manchester was quoted by NHPR this morning as saying,

“We do not need to be giving more money to a police department so they can have access to military grade weaponry,” organizer Jordan Thompson told NHPR. “We need to be reinvesting in our communities statewide and nationwide.”

You should have told that to the Obama Administration.  They handed out buckets of cash to local municipalities for Bearcats – armored urban assault vehicles, all over the country and right here in New Hampshire. Cities like Berlin, Concord, Keene, and Dover couldn’t wait to buy one.

(Berlin) Berlin, New Hampshire, has approved the filing of a grant application for $277,534 ish dollars of someone else’s money.  The plunder is for a Bearcat armored assault vehicle. They have not approved the purchase yet, but oh yeah, the ‘boys’ want their own Batmobile.

(Concord, Keene) Yup, for all the sturm und drang over Keene, NH, and then Concord NH getting free money from the way-in-debt Fed Govt to by their very own Bearcats, this beats them all.

(Dover) We learned today that the Dover Police Department has been awarded a grant by the Department of Homeland Security for the purchase of an armored vehicle. The matter is now before the City Council, whose members plan to vote on the matter tomorrow.”

There were more about which we never wrote.

So, a quick note to the BLM locals and their water carriers; Democrat President Barack Obama’s DHS funded all these armored police vehicles all over the nation. In NH, mostly Democrat majority city councils rushed out to buy themselves their Obama MRAP, armored police vehicle. And the so-called bigots and racists at GraniteGrok, many Republicans, and every Libertarian opposed them.

We took crap from Democrats about opposing it. Why?

Because militarizing the police is an inherently left-wing project, democrat-socialism is impossible to establish and enforce without a police state. And when you are talking about a nation with hundreds of millions of armed citizens, that is not happening without a well-appointed (preferably nationally funded and controlled) “militarized” police force.

If we happened to have a Democrat administration in the White House, I can almost guarantee that the number one order of business would be advancing a national takeover of local policing to solve the problem of “systemic racism.” Obama started doing it, and Hillary would have kept it going, but she lost.

The next Democrat in the White House will advance it again because, and I’m getting tired of saying this, the left does not care about any life that is not promoting or defending their agenda no matter what color that life is.

Let’s keep that in mind as we go forward with this new set of priorities promoted and advanced by groups like BLM, along with your typical progressive Human Rights and Diversity movements, all pro-Marxist projects.


Originally Published June 24th, 2020. Republished June 13th, 2021