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NH is About to Ban Abortions After 24 Weeks

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Want to know a little know secret about New Hampshire? We have some of the least restrictive abortion laws in the nation.  Anyone could perform one, anywhere, any time (conception to birth) and there are no reporting requirements. Well, we had the least restrictive, that’s probably about to change.


The ban contained in Section 37-40 (of HB 2 the State Budget Trailer Bill) prohibits abortion at or after 24 weeks of gestation, with an exception for the life or the physical health of the mother. If the budget is approved by the House and Governor, any health care provider who violates the prohibition will be subject to class B felony penalties and civil remedies.


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Our “pro-choice” Republican governor supports abortion and Planned Parenthood but he appears to have a line he’s at least willing to recognize. Chris Sununu has said that any abortion ban after 24 weeks in the budget will not result in a veto.

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