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In NH You Need a License to Shampoo Her Hair but Not to Perform Her Abortion

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Governments are stupid. How else do you explain this?  To get licensed as an EMT in the state of New Hampshire, you must complete 150 Hours of ‘Education.’ To be a Hairdresser the requirement is 1500 hours.

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Barbers must complete 800 hours (an estimated 187 days) of education, while cosmetologists must complete 1,500 hours (an estimated 350 days). EMTs, on the other hand, need only complete 150 hours (an estimated 35 days) of education.

I’ve had occasion to “enjoy” the services of both (EMT’s and Hairdressers) and I’m here to tell you, something is totally screwed up with this math. I could cut my own hair. I could probably do a passable job on someone else. And regardless of the outcome, that crap grows back. Shampooing, I got that covered.

EMT? Not the same. Not even close.

So, why is this a thing? The obvious answer to any question where the government intervenes on the part of any business or industry is protection. It’s a cartel. The state requirements deliberately create barriers to entry.

In the case of cosmetology, they make it more difficult for low-income individuals, in particular, to enter the field.

The net effect of these limitations also keeps prices higher than they need to be by squelching competition. This is true regardless of the occupation.

Do we want some folks licensed? How about people who perform surgery? Yes. How about folks who perform abortions? Ooh, not so fast. 

While “sign language interpreters face particularly steep burdens in New Hampshire: $875 in fees, about 1,469 days (four years and 40 hours) of education and two exams,” anyone can perform an abortion. Anyone. Anywhere. Including a back ally.

Democrats won’t allow anyone to license them. We can’t even ask them to keep notes about how many, or how often they perform abortions, on who, how old, weeks of pregnancy, nothing.

If you want to professionally shampoo a woman’s’ hair before her abortion (not cut, color, or style, just shampoo) you need a license from the state ($25.00) and roughly 150 hours of training. To perform an abortion in New Hampshire, you need tools and a willing patient.

Something’s not right about that.


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