Leonardo ... Van Gogh .... Hunter Biden - Granite Grok

Leonardo … Van Gogh …. Hunter Biden


So … when Hunter is not smoking crack or using the “n-word” or taking bribes from foreign countries in exchange for access to then Vice-President Biden … he is selling his art anonymously, which obviously is to allow foreign countries and anyone else to bribe him for access to President Biden:

Buyers of Hunter Biden’s artwork, which will be featured in an exhibition in New York later this year, will remain anonymous, furthering concerns of the potential for Biden family corruption, as the problem of money laundering in the art world remains an issue of concern.

Georges Bergès, a Soho art dealer who reportedly has some ties to China, is working with the 51-year-old Biden and is expected to hold a private viewing for Hunter in Los Angeles, followed by an exhibition in New York this fall. Biden’s art is expected to sell for $75,000 to half a million dollars, according to Artnet, and the sales will remain confidential.

One set of rules for the Left … a totally different set of rules for everyone else. That’s how communism works.