It's Not the NH State Motto "Kids" Need to Fear, It's New Hampshire Democrats. - Granite Grok

It’s Not the NH State Motto “Kids” Need to Fear, It’s New Hampshire Democrats.

live free or die

If you’d like a window into the twisted reality of the Leftist mind, you need to look no further than this contrast. After a year of giving thugs room to destroy, locking people down, and saying things like silence is violence, Democrats want you to believe a state motto could increase suicides.

After their wholehearted advocacy for locking down our kids, forcing them to “learn” remotely, denying them socialization and interaction, forcing them to remain masked, distanced, a documented mental health calamity, Live Free or Die is the thing we need to fear.

The Democrat’s open borders policy under Obama, which they continue to defend under the Biden Administrations’ reopened border policy, created the opioid epidemic. It invited drugs, gangs, crime, and human trafficking across the nation and New Hampshire.

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Thousands have died or had their lives upended, ruined, or ended. Thousands more will follow. But our state motto is the threat from which we must protect them?

Democrats lit America’s cities on fire, causing irreparable damage to black Americans, their lives, their children’s lives, and their livelihoods.

Democrats play mind games with children, convincing them or their parents to engage in chemical or surgical castration, but watch out for the state motto in New Hampshire.

Decades of Progressive policy have created an inner-city culture of broken families, single-parent households, failed schools, and difficult futures, but Live Free or Die is the thing oppose?

Even the police departments they want you to believe are racist are a product of decades of Democrat Party management.

Then there’s abortion. Millions of children never got the chance to discover anything, some unknown number here in New Hampshire, who never even got to live.

Yes, there is a threat to our children’s lives and livelihoods, even here in New Hampshire, but it’s not the NH State Motto. It is New Hampshire Democrats and the Democrat party.