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“Consent is Not Required” Mask Mandate “Form Letter” Used by Another Principal – Same Grammatical Errors


Kingswood Regional High School Principal Guy Donnelly sent a letter to a parent. It was quite clear. Their consent was not required for the school to mandate masks on kids. But it is not just Guy. A principal in another school also used this same letter.

Principal James A. Reilly at the Kingswood Regional Middle School sent the exact same letter – with the same grammatical errors, to a parent of a Middle School Student.

Kingswood middle letter (2)


And there’s nothing that odd about two schools in the same town or district using the same form letter to snub two different parents. That may actually be policy.

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What amuses me is that they snubbed them with a letter that has glaring grammatical errors.

“Currently the wearing masks in school is required.”

“…recommend wearing mask in school…”

“…many students age of 12 and up…”

And the Middle School Principal added a student-specific sentence at the end of the form letter but none of the other errors were identified or corrected.

Here are both letters, to both parents, side by side.

Kingswood form letter mask mandates side by side


Nice work. Oh, and by the way, you might want to try researching something other than cable news or edicts from money-chasing bureaucrats before talking about kids or asymptomatic spread. Or the need to wear masks to prevent it.

Neither of those things is scientifically proven and there is ample research to demonstrate it’s nonsense. And that matters.

This education you offer that we’re supposed to cherish was meant to teach kids how to learn, not what to learn. If the administrators can’t even manage that hurdle what hope do teachers or kids have with this sort of leadership?

And you can choose to make masks optional but you won’t. Apparatchik cowards!


And yes, I have been known to throttle the language from time to time but at no point have I ever claimed to be an expert nor demanded reverence.