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“Systemic” or “Institutional” Racism – Biden Admin Shows You How It’s Done

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The Left’s war machine has been running on all cylinders. Factionalism, tribalism, and division are the goal. Big tech and social media are helping, and if they are to be believed, we are the racists we’ve been waiting for, but are we?

I think we’ve made a case on these pages that the party of discrimination continues to be lead by Democrats, and if you ask Tim Scott, Candace Owens, or Clarence Thomas (to name but three), the color of your skin has nothing to do with it.

If the Left were honest about ending hate and discrimination (they are not), it would have to disassemble its political machine, return the money, and go back to what?

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They have nothing else.

Politics to the Left is like the Force in Star Wars (May the 4th Be With You). “You must feel the Politics around you; here, between you, me, the tree, the rock, everywhere, yes.”

So this makes perfect sense to them. In the name of anti-racism, Whoever is Running the Biden Administration has decreed that the government’s loan forgiveness program for farmers shall exclude farmers with no color.

Black farmers can receive loan forgiveness, but white farmers cannot. (If that’s not chilling, switch the colors and get back to me when you figure it out.)

From Legal Insurrection.


Like a lot of farmers, Baird has direct loans through the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Farm Service Agency.

But the dairy farmer isn’t entitled to a new FSA loan-forgiveness program provided as part of COVID-19 relief in the $2 trillion American Rescue Plan Act, legislation touted Wednesday night by President Joe Biden in his address to Congress.

Baird is white. He joined four other white farmers Thursday in suing federal officials over being left out.


It is not need-based. It is race-based. That’s discrimination.

And we have it here in the Granite State, where the University of New Hampshire has a program to teach white farmers not to be so racist in the name of anti-racism.


It appears to be both politicization and socialization of the food system using identity politics propaganda and the latest racial equity framework to turn people working in the farm-to-table sector into year-round political activists for the Left.


Anti-racism (being racist is not racist if it’s the right kind) is being used for both re-education camp propaganda and to funnel billions to favored constituents (and through favored NGOs). But if a court decides – as it should – that the government cannot arbitrarily pick and choose which Americans are entitled to taxpayer dollars based on the color of their skin, then much of that money laundering operation comes under scrutiny.

Sadly, we can neither wait for nor trust that this will happen. The only cure for our federal problem is local activism. You must first elicit change in your town councils and school boards, state House and State Senate races.  And then let them know you’re done sitting on the sidelines.

The Feds can’t do much without the states. You have to take your state back (or keep and expand existing majorities at every level) if you want to get America back.