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Sunday Overnight Thread – Remember Memorial Day Edition

Memorial day poppy

My Grandfather fought in WWI, my dad in WWII. They both came home, lived to talk about it. And while I have no specific recollection of stories of friends or comrades lost, it would be impossible for that not to have occurred, and we need to remember.

So this overnight thread is dedicated to remembering. To help, I’ve all but completely hijacked a list of 10 things from Saint Leo University so please click through and see what else they had to write about each of these items.

And these are things other than drink a beer or grill a burger which you can also do if you remember why you have that or any freedom at all, and then if it’s not too much a bother, what you might be doing to keep them (the freedoms, I mean).

Here’s their list.

1. Wear or display a red poppy. (“In Flanders fields the poppies blow. Between the crosses, row by row.”)

 2. Pause at 3 p.m. (pause from whatever you are doing at this time to reflect on the sacrifices made by so many to provide freedom to all.)

3. Read the original Decoration Day proclamation. (here)

4. Watch the National Memorial Day Concert. (Home page)

5. Display the U.S. flag. (fly the flag at half-staff from sunrise until noon to commemorate those who have died. The flag is raised back to full staff at 12 p.m. to honor living veterans.)

6. Visit a national cemetery or memorial. (Click here for a list of all national cemeteries by state. If you do not have a national cemetery in your area, click here to see if there is a state veterans cemetery nearby.)

7. Attend a parade. 

8. Commit your time. (Research agencies in your area that work with veterans or active military service members and their families)

9. Make a financial donation. (Charity Navigator offers a list of reputable charities that provide wounded troops services, military social services, and military family support.)

10. Pray for the fallen and our nation. (spend some time praying for the souls of those who gave the ultimate sacrifice.)


An Internet search for events in New Hampshire was spotty on sharability, so please share any local event below in the comments.

And remember – and maybe this will help (shared, thanks to Saint Leo University).