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Local School Board Hijacks Hill, New Hampshire.

Hill NH

The town of Hill, New Hampshire, has a population of around 1100, and according to a reader – who is desperate for help – their School board has engaged in a fiscal lynching of the local residents.

That’s a common problem around these parts.


Some members of the board have called us names, threatened us, and told us to sell our homes and move if we do not like their tax hike proposal. They are not considering the poor, elderly, or disabled.

They want us to pay the school principal who is in charge of 50 students $145K annually (3% raise).

There are 27 employees for those 50 students. Many of us lost jobs due to Covid. How are we supposed to pay that?

The board informed us during their zoom meetings that they would meet privately after the public meeting to discuss the numbers we want and further stated they would go with their numbers, regardless. WTH????


School Boards quickly become tyrannical tools of the teacher’s unions or some power-hungry superintendent who flips the relationship from employee to a demi-god whose whims shall not be ignored.

Think of the Children! Seriously, someone has to because it is not the boards, administrators, or unions who will milk you dry as appears to be the case in Hill.

The best recourse is the ballot box but you need folks to volunteer to be the change and then get a majority of voters to want that.

I’ve direct this concerned resident and reader to reach out to both the School District Governance Association of NH (SDGA) and CNHT chairman Ed Naile for some guidance. If they can call a special meeting it might enable them to take control of the board and the budget and put some brakes on this mess.

If any of you feel like you may be of assistance let me know and I will see about connecting you.