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Is He Coming To Audit Windham Just to Take Our Money?

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Dear Steve: Thank you for asking me to write an op-ed last week for publication on the Granite Grok website, re: ongoing developments in the selection of analysts for the Windham forensic audit team.

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Although many citizens of Windham and other NH towns/cities were unhappy with the Board of Selectmen’s choice, I urged everyone to be patient and allow the selection process to play out.

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After the Windham Board of Selectmen gave the nod to the team of Dr. Andrew Appel and Verified Voting (represented by Dr. Mark Lindeman) as their choice of analyst for the 3 member audit team, a  letter written to the President of the Arizona Senate by Ms. Paige Alexander, CEO of the Carter Center,  co-signed by Mr. Lindeman of Verified Voting, came to light.

This letter is critical of the fact that Cyber Ninjas is even participating in the Maricopa County audit and quotes other officials of the Federal government who felt that the Nov. 2020 general election was “the most secure in American history.”  It criticizes the Arizona Senate for even conducting what they describe as a third audit and claims it will undermine confidence in the electoral process and “stoke conspiracy theories and partisan  gamesmanship – or worse.”

Mr. Lindeman had an obligation to inform the Windham Board of Selectmen as well as the citizens of the town and NH of this letter and his preconceived views on the security of the November 2020 G.E.  If he feels that it was secure, then why is he willing to come to NH to audit this discrepancy?  Is it just to take our money?  I have seen no statement from either Mr. Lindeman or Verified Voting explaining his signature on this letter.  In light of this apparent conflict of interest, which fairness required that he disclose at the time of this presentation, I feel the Windham Board of Selectmen would indeed be justified in reconsidering their selection at tonight’s meeting.

[Yesterday] afternoon, the Sec. of State and the Attorney General announced their joint pick in selecting Harri Hursti as the second member of the audit team.  He is most well known for his role in the 2006 Emmy-nominated film “Hacking Democracy” where he showed the vulnerabilities of Diebold voting machines, which in the past held the ownership rights to the Accuvote 2000 OSX machines used here in NH.  Although Mr. Hursti had prior connections to Verified Voting, I was told today that he is no longer affiliated with that group.  We shall see how this selection holds up to scrutiny in the next few days.


Editors Note: I am the Steve to whom he refers and I asked him to write the post because his unique take at that time was underrepresented and worthy of debate.

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