IRREFUTABLE BOMBSHELL! NH Demands STATEWIDE Forensic Audit - Granite Grok



That’s his headline so let’s run with it. Who? YouTuber Nick Moseder is reporting on the now-infamous Windham Incident, and he has – read the headline – an Irrefutable bombshell to share.

He calls it a golden ticket to get a statewide audit.

Regular readers will see it coming… Alvin See wrote about it yesterday, and I added Jovan Hutton Pulitzer’s thoughts along the same lines later that day.

The folds in the mail-in ballots are confusing the equipment, which can and has altered the election result. All of them, potentially, and anywhere that equipment is used. The AccuVote optical scanning equipment.

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Nick is very excited about the possibility that this will lead to the only statewide audit of the Nov 2020 election. You can get excited right along with him. That has to include Democrats (or should) because this same flaw could or has cost them elections as well.

Check it out!