If Biden Uses DOJ To Shut Down State Challenges to his Own Election Legitimacy is That Obstruction? - Granite Grok

If Biden Uses DOJ To Shut Down State Challenges to his Own Election Legitimacy is That Obstruction?

Democrats Calling For Ted Cruz’s Arrest

You’ll be able to watch in a minute, but the headline is drawn from an observation by Steve Bannon in the War Room. He’s talking about the Left’s reaction – Rachel Maddow in particular – to these state election audits.

For the locals (and a growing national and international audience), our Windham Incident is about discovering why the equipment couldn’t get the job one on Nov 3. It had one job, and it failed; to count votes accurately. That is proven.

Objecting to any further investigation in Windham to ensure election integrity, in the face of these facts, suggests we might find something else. Why else posture or preen? If you’ve done nothing wrong, and there’s nothing to find, an audit will reveal that.

States like Arizona and Georgia have another problem altogether, but then it’s the same problem. Almost no one on the left is interested in allowing any audit to vindicate them.

They do not see the audits as a means to prove the legitimacy of Joe Biden’s presidency and the illegitimacy of claims of tampering. These audits are a threat, not just because they might uncover wrongdoing but because the left only engages in these sorts of exercises to create the perception of guilt.

The left has no interest in justice, only paths to power.

From Clarence Thomas to Judge Bork to any Republican willing to let them work their voodoo, the Left puts on the dog and pony show, pretends to care about something else, and the media helps. Almost everyone folds like a cheap tent under pressure.

Clarence Thomas didn’t. Donald Trump won’t. They are still hellbent on destroying both and the handful of others who, like them, are not lapdogs to the power of the ruling class.

You must understand that Judge Kavanaugh’s innocence was irrelevant to Democrats. Their job was perception in pursuit of power. The audits problem is no different.

Rachel Maddow is pimping for a Biden’s DOJ to step in and stop these audits. Not because the Dems stole the election but because she thinks they’ll do anything to arrive at that conclusion no matter what anyone else believes because that’s what she does for a living.

That’s what they all do.

Bannon points this out and explores it here with Rudy Guiliani. Maddow and her ilk knows the train has left the station and unless Biden can find a way to get the DOJ to stop it, America could discover that claims of a clean election are fake news.

They don’t want that because it looks bad. The word we’re looking for rhymes with obstruction.

I’ll share a few minutes. If you are curious, you can follow the link to the 15 minutes available. If that gets your game on, go and watch the rest at Steve Bannon’s War room.


Bannon & Rudy Guiliani discuss the audits