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Dan Will Did Not Spontaneously Generate

Sununu Sun King Laughing

STOP DAN WILL! I agree! If we only had a GOP Governor, we wouldn’t be in this position.

Oh … wait. Sorry … . I forgot … . We do have a GOP Governor. Well, actually, we don’t. We have a RINO … whose nominations have been abysmal. Before Dan Will, there was Patricia I’ll-Vote-Where-I-Want Conway, who but for Steve (see preceding link) might well have been confirmed. And don’t get me started with Sun King Sununu’s totally disastrous Supreme Court appointments.

Here’s … as the Imposter President Biden would say … the thing. Even if Will’s nomination is defeated, Sun-King Sununu is going to keep nominating people like Will, Conway, Gordon MacDonald, Patrick Donovan, Hantz-Marconi, etcetera … because Sun-King Sununu does NOT care about conservatives.