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Sununu Needs to Withdraw His Latest Court Nominee – Patricia “Situational Ethics” Conway

Say no to patricia conway

His Excellency, Gov. Sununu, has selected Rockingham County prosecutor Patrica Conway to be New Hampshire’s next Superior Court judge, but there’s a problem. While she has plenty of experience as a prosecutor, she also has experience violating laws she’ll be asked to adjudicate.

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In a letter to NH Attorney General John Dormella, Executive Councilor Cinde Warmington (D – Dist 2) outlines the matter of concern regarding Ms. Conway’s judgment and a clear violation of New Hampshire Election law.


Warmington Letter to NH AG - Patricia Conway


We’ve spent far too much time emphasizing the need for election integrity to sit on our hands when a nominee to the superior court has shown such disregard for it. Ms. Conway’s violation could, under the New Hampshire Constitution, if prosecuted and found guilty, revoke her voting rights in the state. A status reinstated only after appearing before (if I understand this correctly) a NH Superior Court Judge. The role for which Conway has been nominated.

It is (therefore) nearly impossible to take that appointment seriously, but that’s not all we have to say. In 2014, she appeared to have abused her position (as county attorney) to benefit her husband.


Patricia Conway’s first act as county attorney was to serve her own personal whims of retribution. Conway’s Police-Officer-husband, Eric Lamb, a card-carrying member of the Rockingham County Laurie List, was “mistakenly” cleared from the list.  It was [Jerome] Blanchard who tipped off the Attorney Generals office such was not the case.  Lamb belonged on this list. Conway denies having access to the list. She is a bum.


Conway fired Blanchard. Can we expect Judge “Situational Ethics” Conway to act differently in this or any other matter?

Governor Sununu needs to withdraw the nomination. If he persists, the Executive Council needs to reject her.

And Shaheen-Lawyer Cinde Warmington needs to look in the mirror and apply the same rigor to her own party on the matter of domicile and elections as she does for Patricia Conway. If she’d like some assistance, CNHT Chairman Ed Nail has binders full of evidence, much of which, when presented to the NH Attorney General’s Office, failed to rise to the level of interest she inappropriately attributes to them.

Please reach out to their Executive Councilor with these concerns about Conway’s conflicts. As we’ve noted, she’s got conflicts. Is this the best New Hampshire can do?

I doubt it, so tell Gov. Sununu he needs to do better.