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Breaking: Windham November Election Chain of Custody Failures Uncovered

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The Government Integrity Project reports major flaws in the chain of custody relating to the equipment used in the November Elections in Windham, NH.

The original election results changed dramatically after a recount for the NH State House races in this town. Activists and interested parties have been working for months to get a full forensic audit of the town’s election. A process that activists claim has been hijacked. They would like it halted until unbiased investigators can be identified and brought in to perform the forensic audit.


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Now we can add this.

According to the Government Integrity Project,

MAJOR FLAWS: The chain of custody on the Windham NH machines has NOT been done properly! There are supposed to be 3 signatures: The person processing signs, and then two witnesses. Here you can see the person processing has NEVER SIGNED!!!


Chain of custody issues with Windham ELection


Missing signatures, as reported above, only add more intrigue to the process and potential mishandling of this election and the audit process.

What exactly this means for the audit is not yet clear, but we will continue to provide updates as they become available.


Update: Adding a clearer and complete view of the instructions from the bottom of the page:

Instructions Windham chain of custody