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Belknap County Republican Committee – Fundraiser

Belknap County Republican Committee

Belknap County went all Republican in the last election – they need to stay that way. There’s new and determined Leadership Team in charge and wanting to get great things accomplished both in getting a Freedom message out there and getting the State to allow people to make more decisions on their own (instead of Government making them for you).

But as always, it take resources to be able to do that: people and money. So…

The Belknap County Republican Committee is having a fundraiser at the home of NH State Rep Harry Bean and his lovely bride, Priscilla:

Date:           July 10, 2021 (Saturday)
Time:          6-9 PM
Location: 234 Saltmarsh Pond Road, Gilford NH
Cost:           $30/person

Belknap County Republican Fundraiser ticket

Burgers, hot dogs, brisket, pulled pork and non-alcoholic drinks (BYOB for adult beverages). Bring a desert to share!

And fireworks!


Games, a tournament, and (being a political event), lots of talking with like minded folks on the issues of the day.

WHO said that politics is boring!! Come and see a beautiful view across the way.

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