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Voters Should Read HB 544 for Themselves

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HB 544, titled “Propagation of Divisive Concepts Prohibited” is fewer than three and one-half pages. One should read legislation to avoid making false claims about it.

Section 10-C: General Provisions reads,

“I. Nothing in the chapter shall prevent agencies or contractors from promoting racial, cultural, or ethnic diversity or inclusiveness, provided such efforts are consistent with the requirements of this chapter. II. Nothing in this chapter shall be construed to prohibit discussing, as part of a larger course of academic instruction, the divisive concepts listed in RSA 10-C:1, II in an objective manner and without endorsement.”

Allegations that HB 544 prevents discussions of any topic are false. HB 544 simply prohibits using the authority of the State of New Hampshire to teach that children, adults, or our state or nation are immoral, inferior/superior, or otherwise flawed and deserving of shame, not due to a person’s own actions, talk, or beliefs, but because of the actions of others.
Americans reject condemning individuals for the actions of others. It’s wrong to blame all Muslims for 9/11, all Chinese for the coronavirus, and all white people, males, heterosexuals, or anyone for the actions of others.

HB 544 doesn’t try to stifle honest teaching of history. Americans should know about the Democrat Party’s long and continuing oppression of minorities including Jackson’s “Trail of Tears,” support for and willingness to keep slavery, Jim Crow Laws, the KKK and its lynching of Blacks and their Republican supporters, opposition to making former slaves free citizens with voting rights, incarcerating Japanese Americans in internment camps, and its policies leading to a tripling of unwed Black births with all the consequent problems of fatherless families, e.g., crime, incarcerations, and poverty.

Despite decades of destroying the lives of millions of poor Black children Democrats still refuse to allow school choice so children can escape to good schools. Democrat, and often minority, city governments refuse to provide the policing needed to pacify the relatively few violent neighborhoods in their cities. Dangerous neighborhoods drive away businesses, making life difficult for residents.

Democrat policies drive good jobs overseas and their open border policies swamp the unskilled labor force taking jobs from and depressing the wages of unskilled, and often Black, American workers.

As a final racist insult, to cover their election fraud capabilities, Democrats claim that Black Americans can’t get a valid photo ID, something that every American needs for dozens of situations.

We shouldn’t need a bill like HB 544 because no one should be condemned for the actions of others. Unfortunately, Democrats intentionally try to divide Americans because only by dividing Americans can Democrats implement their disastrous policies that steal the American people’s freedoms and prosperity.