UNH Demanding "Proof" Before You Can Attend Graduation - That You're COVID-FREE! - Granite Grok

UNH Demanding “Proof” Before You Can Attend Graduation – That You’re COVID-FREE!

Papers Please 1942 and 2020

Universities are supposed to be chock full of smart people imparting useful knowledge to future generations. It’s mostly junk if CRT is any indication. Ideological propaganda. Oh, and get a load of this crap sandwich.

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The University of New Hampshire, home of the 17,570 dollar cafeteria table, is demanding proof that you are COVID19 free or you can’t attend graduation this year.


Newly released guidance from the university stipulates attendees will need to provide a negative COVID-19 test taken within 72 hours of the event, or a vaccination card that shows they have been fully vaccinated for at least two weeks. Graduating students are held to the same standard if they haven’t participated in the school’s weekly testing program.


It’s a useless “third-degree” program.

Frauline, I must see your papers (pause), Danke. Everything appears to be in order.

But it’s not.

The test is crap. The results are crap. Masks are crap. It’s a COVID dog and pony show, a Public Health Potemkin village, just like the vaccine.

If perfectly healthy people at no-risk “get the shot,” everyone will applaud as if this is the most wonderful thing they could have done.

They then demand the “takers” go back to masking and distancing and maybe more lockdowns, business closures, and oh, by the way, it looks like you may need another shot next year.

ID to vote is discriminatory but demanding that people inject an experimental chemical concoction into their veins before allowing them to go about their lives (and then denying them that right) is reasonable?

I know, you paid large money to get to this day. And no, the vaccine doesn’t;t actually change anything from a public health perspective. Probably because none of this has anything to do with public health.

Papers, please!?

I wonder if their Confucious Institute helped them work this all out?