The Saga of RTK Coordinator Jesse Neuman Continues - A Formal Harassment Grievance Has Been Filed Against Him - Granite Grok

The Saga of RTK Coordinator Jesse Neuman Continues – A Formal Harassment Grievance Has Been Filed Against Him

The Streisand Effect

Nashua RTK Coordinator Jesse Neuman took umbrage that both Laurie Ortolano and Laura Colquhoun had discussed their interactions with him on GraniteGrok and that each of their posts (here and here) were festooned with his image (which, at the time, was publicly available on LinkedIn).

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Again, he was the perfect example of bureaucrats, at least some, have confused the roles of Public Servant and Public Master. How can I tell?  Well, he told us himself!

…(notwithstanding Ms. Ortolano and Ms. Colquhoun’s overtly emotional opinions regarding my work)

Him being a lawyer and all. He shoulda known that this was going to get him into trouble (so no wonder he wants to hide his face). Well, I’ll put it up later on but I had done a Right To Know on a number of things but one was for the the Right To Know Coordinator (Jesse Neumann’s current position) job description and the other was for Nashua’s Human Resources manual. And they sent them both. So, I sent the Harassment document to both Laura and Laurie.

Without further ado, a Letter of Grievance to the HR Department has been sent: “gender bias and harassment.” (emphasis mine)

April 16, 2021
Ms. Kleiner,

Please let this letter serve as a formal complaint against the conduct of Attorney Jesse Neumann. Since you are serving as the acting Human Resources Director, I am requesting that this notice be placed on his personnel file and appropriate action be taken.

April 14, 2021

In this day and age of Heightened Awareness, Mr. Neuman should avoid Gender Labels

While we may not be receiving much information from our new Right-to-Know coordinator, Attorney Neumann, we certainly are understanding his character and seeing his true colors. Mr. Neumann has built a Right-to-Know wall between himself and the citizens. He denies many requests as unclear, overbroad, and unreasonable described. For some people he will provide an explanation for the denial, but for other citizens he will not. The different treatment is unclear.

When addressing citizen information requests, the law does not require civility or cooperation or any city effort whatsoever to reduce the burden. Mr. Neumann has certainly been difficult to work with. Mr. Neumann has also chosen to delve into gender labels.

In Mr. Neumann’s email to GraniteGrok requesting his LinkedIn photo be removed, he decided to describe my writing about his Right-to-Know responses as ‘overtly emotional opinions‘.

My opinions are simply my opinions and they are based on a history of events in dealing with Mr. Neumann. Mr. Neumann’s  ‘hyperbole and embellishment’* just to smack a gender label on a woman, is not only unbecoming to the City, but in violation of the City Harassment Policy.

(*a description used by Attorney Bolton against me at a recent Board of Tax and Land Appeals hearing)

According to the policy:

“Harassment is determined from the perspective of the recipient as determined by an objective standard of how a reasonable person would interpret the incident.” It is interesting to me that a number of men who read Mr. Neumann’s email in GraniteGrok found his remarks offensive as did I. The City policy identifies that harassment against non-employees is a violation.

Mr. Neumann takes every opportunity to call out his high ethical standards and integrity formed during his years of military service. He describes himself as a constitutional crusader, but perhaps Attorney Neumann should study the City Harassment Policy provided to him upon his employment in December 2020. It is time to “round out” Attorney Neumann’s character and provide sensitive training on gender bias and harassment.

Ms Ortolana should do an RTK to see what that taxpayer paid training says! And if it requires attendees to take a test, it might be “interesting” to see what his results show him to be.

There’s a LOT of verbiage that I could use right now; just let it be known that there is a smile on my face. And it will be there for a while longer. Why?  Because like every single infomercial EVAH, the line “WAIT! There’s MORE!” that will be coming.

Remember, Jesse Neumann brought this all upon his lonesome. Is he sufficiently self-aware that….To Be Continued:

Break out your popcorn – this is gonna take a while.