Why is a Lawyer from Senator Shaheen's Law Firm Friending Conservatives on Facebook? - Granite Grok

Why is a Lawyer from Senator Shaheen’s Law Firm Friending Conservatives on Facebook?

Cinde Warmington

Cinde Warmington is a lawyer with Shaheen Gordon. Yes, that Shaheen. And I’m sure she’s a wonderful person. Mr. Obama liked her enough to pose for a picture. So, why is an Obama Democrat who works for Bill and Jeanne Shaheen’s law firm friending folks on the right?

I have no idea, but she’s friended a few of my friends. Not all of them are political or even on the right. Some are business owners (party registration unknown). There are also a few Trump hating democrats on that list (we were friends before Trump). But Cinde appears to be deliberately building a foundation of right-leaning Facebook friends, and I have to wonder why?

I have a thought.

It’s easier to get added or invited to Facebook groups if admins or members see that you have a large number of the same friends. It’s just a theory.

And hey, it’s fine to have friends at law firms who have had their picture taken with a President of the United States. I have a few of those myself. But I felt like I should let you know. Cinde is building credibility on the right by accumulating friends on Facebook.

You can decide what that means if anything.