So, Two Questions for the Bedford School Board. First, Who is in charge? - Granite Grok

So, Two Questions for the Bedford School Board. First, Who is in charge?

Bedford School District SAU 25

As in “is it YOU, the elected Representatives of the Voters, or is it the “Professional” staff?

Like a lot of schools, Bedford High is participating in a “Day of Silence” in advocacy for the LGBT movement.  Students and Staff are to remain silent the entire day. I dunno about you but whenever *I* have been in class, the instructor had to talk to get the lesson across. And if I didn’t understand something, you can be sure that I wasn’t going to be silent, either. But I didn’t have to suffer through this kind of nonsense – I either TAUGHT or WAS taught academics during the school day. Advocacy stuff was done outside of class on one’s own time.

And you wonder why I keep saying that schools have become Indoctrination Centers (at an average cost thereabouts of $16K/year/student here in NH)??

So, let’s get to the bottom of this, shall we?  My first NH RSA 91:A demand – how much is this “Advocacy” costing the taxpayers of Bedford?? And “where” are these expenditures going?


From: “Skip” <>
Sent: 4/22/2021 8:31:38 PM
Subject: An official NH RSA 91:A Right To Know demand

Tomorrow is supposed is to be “A Day of Silence” in support of the “LGBT Community” at the Bedford High School – an example of “Action Civics” whereby students and teachers / staff are to remain silent throughout the day and prioritizing advocacy over academics.  I am demanding the following information / materials.  All materials related to this demand are to be preserved (according to the Law):

  1. What General Ledger line accounts  in the current fiscal budget are being used to pay for any and all expenditures involved in this event?
  2. For any expenditures listed in item #1, please list any and all purchases:
    • Item name
    • Item description
    • Item cost
    • Vendor name, address, website, contact email / phone number
    • Any correspondence between the School District and the vendor
  • Purpose / intended use of each item purchased in the Day of Silence event/activity?
    • The grade(s) in which each item is to be used?
    • To which Lesson plan(s) was each item “attached”
    • List the purpose(s) for each item with respect to use in classroom:
    • Solely in classroom instruction
    • Handouts solely for students
      • Was this item allowed to go home for parent review
      • Was it taken back from students by Staff at the end of the class time
  • Did the School Board approve of such expenditures?
    • List the roll call vote by School Board member for such approval – or denial
    • Provide the materials used by Staff in presenting this activity to the School Board for approval to proceed.
    • List the date(s) at which time this activity’s presentation to the Board
    • Provide the minutes of the School Board meetings at which this activity was discussed in either Public or Non-Public session
    • For the item above, if in non-Public, provide the “exemption clause” that was used to go into non-public session as well as the mandatory roll call needed to go into non-public session

According to RSA 91:A, you have five (5) business days to either return any and all responsive records or provide an estimate as to when those responsive records will be available for review. I am willing to come to the District’s office to do so. Please also provide a cost for hardcopy copying and if merely sending such response records electronically would also incur a cost. Provide an estimated cost of either. If prohibitive, I will provide my own copying equipment.

Kindest regards,

Co-Founder, co-owner