Response to Natalie Kelly on 'The Minimum Wage' - You Are an Economic Illiterate, and Selfish - Granite Grok

Response to Natalie Kelly on ‘The Minimum Wage’ – You Are an Economic Illiterate, and Selfish


Natalie Kelly is holding her own employees as “wage hostages” because the State of NH won’t raise the minimum wage to $12/hour. Hey, if you are the owner, just raise your OWN employee’s wages – don’t wait for someone else to be that impetus for you.

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You’re just like the Patriotic Millionaires who infamously said that because they are rich, they should be FORCED to pay more in taxes. They won’t voluntarily check that box and write a bigger check – because they want Government to have more, they demand that EVERYONE in their tax brackets pay more.

All or nothing – everyone into the Collective Misery Group!

It doesn’t make a difference that someone else thinks they are paying too much in taxes, we will have Govt come to your house, at the threat of a gun, to take your money from you.

This is called Selfishness, and Natalie Kelley demanding higher minimum wages is just as selfish. And it makes me irritable as all get out.

Natalie Kelley: Time for state to raise the minimum wage to $12 an hour

To The Daily Sun,

As a small business owner, I am writing this letter because we need to raise the minimum wage from $7.25 an hour to $12 an hour in New Hampshire. While Democrats have been working for years to increase the minimum wage, Gov. Sununu has twice vetoed legislation that would do just that. Other surrounding states have already adjusted their state minimum wage rates – in Massachusetts the minimum wage is $13.50, in Maine it’s $12.15 and in Vermont $11.75. But New Hampshire continues to be an outlier because our governor and Republicans in the State House refuse to give Granite Staters a living wage.

This wage increase is supported by our Democratic congressional delegation, including our two senators, Jeanne Shaheen and Maggie Hassan, both of whom were Granite State governors and understand the positive impact a wage increase would have on New Hampshire’s economy.

I encourage our governor to move on to this minimum wage increase which would help workers. He must act as soon as possible to relieve the burden our New Hampshire citizens face, especially during this stressful recovery time. Unfortunately, because of Sununu’s track record of vetoing minimum wage, the only solution might be ensuring that we have Democratic majorities and a Democratic governor in Concord.

Natalie Kelley

If you are so desperate to raise your cost of labor and overall expense, then stop kvetching about it and just do it. Show some leadership and just do it.

If you think that paying above both a minimum wage and “current” wages is a good thing, the only thing stopping you is yourself.

Just remember that if your business is of any kind of sizeable entity, you’ll end up with wage compression, something your higher-skilled employees aren’t going to like when entry-level people are getting close to what they are getting after years of experience (and also assuming advanced training resulting in certificates and degrees). Why should those entry-level folks be earning almost as much as me?

And, since you are all about having Government set your wages, what else about your company are you willing to turn over or outsource to Government control?

I owned a low-margin business years ago – a daycare center. It was broken down, almost out of businesses. I gave my employees a raise just as soon as I could. I only wish it could have been more but in Natalie Kelley’s universe, I’d have been put out of business. Is that what she’s trying to do – use the Government as an economic cudgel against her competition?

Why do people like this refuse to do the right thing (in their minds, anyway) without forcing everyone else to have to go through the same misery?

(H/T: Laconia Daily Sun)