Remember Mark Robinson Who Scolded a School Board. Now's He's Scolding Others Over Voter ID - As NC LT. Governor - Granite Grok

Remember Mark Robinson Who Scolded a School Board. Now’s He’s Scolding Others Over Voter ID – As NC LT. Governor

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Remember Mark Robinson who scolded a School Board. Now’s he’s scolding others over Voter ID – as NC LT. Governor.

“Am I to believe that black Americans, who have overcome the atrocities of slavery, who were victorious in the civil rights movement and now sit in the highest levels of this government, cannot figure out how to get a free ID to secure their votes?”

I first wrote about him here: Mark Robinson takes those mealy-mouthed skulls-full-of-mush March for our lives “students” to school“:

A local public radio station, reporting on the meeting, quoted a high school freshman and a high school senior, both members of March for Our Lives Greensboro, who told the city they opposed the gun show. “A gun show where background checks and identification are not required is completely ridiculous,” said the freshman student, Anne Joy Cahill-Swenson. The NPR story, however, had to run a correction to its story – and the teenager’s erroneous claims – and admit that licensed firearms dealers do perform federal background checks at the Greenboro Gun and Knife Show.

“We all know it’s true: big guns are for people with small minds,” a second March member, high schooler Dominic Patafie, told the city leaders.
Then Mark Robinson, an actual adult, stood up and not only took the kids to school but their handlers and the Greensboro City Council on “The Proper Role of Government”…

Well, he went on, having nothing in his background that showed he even cared about politics. Now, he’s North Carolina’s Lt. Governor having won his first and only electoral race.

And then he decided to testify on “Voter Suppression” – the latest Power Ploy by the Party of the KKK and REAL Jim Crow laws:

Now I don’t care what color his skin is but for this political time, it matters – only as being Black he decided to give those that care this THIS Black man is insulted that White men insinuate he’s too stupid to get an ID in order to vote?

The Left doesn’t care about the color of ANYONE’s skin unless it advantages their agenda or obsession in gaining Power.  We on the Right don’t either – but we just want you to have the choice to be free

(H/T: Western Journal)