Part 3: My Response to Nashua's "RTK Fixer" Jesse Neumann's Demand to Remove His Image - Granite Grok

Part 3: My Response to Nashua’s “RTK Fixer” Jesse Neumann’s Demand to Remove His Image

Jesse Neuman Nashua RTK coordinator

So, in Part 1, Jesse Neumann (Esq., Dontcha know! Yet another lawyer..meh) send us an email demanding that we “remove my pictures from your website.” Quite often, those who place themselves into these positions – being embarrassed by the commoners – will do that.

How dare you! Take that down, now!

Our response is to invoke the Streisand Effect. Those who try to intimidate others to keep themselves “secret” get more exposure than they intended.

I love it when they invoke the Law of Unintended Consequences in the Arena of Public Opinion.

In Part 2, I responded to his email by pointing out that what he THOUGHT he had done to secure his image was a fail (intimating that it wasn’t done in the first place) and then challenging him to show us in NH State Law where it is required that NH based Media (yeah, the other media generally doesn’t like it that we are part of the NH Media) have to request to use someone’s image. And since he admitted that he had read our FAQs, I “gently reminded” him that “any emails sent to us may well be posted on GraniteGrok“.

Well, in this Part 3, I wish to relay that I sent him an additional email. While part of it was just more about his image and that Google was not his friend in reaching images, I also had this little snippet:

BTW, upon reviewing your email once again:

“notwithstanding Ms. Ortolano and Ms. Colquhoun’s overtly emotional opinions regarding my work)”

Gosh, last time I consulted with the PC dictionary, what you just called both ladies, hysterical,  could easily be construed as both sexist and misogynist. What would the rest of City Hall think? Or the public at large?

Nice touch.

So, Loyal Readers probably have a pretty good idea of what may well be coming next, right? I am wondering what in his Navy military background may have made him ready for Part 4?  Oh, and we have several more things as well. Like this Right To Know that I just sent to the Nashua City Human Resources department:

—— Original Message ——
From: “Skip” <>
Sent: 4/5/2021 10:53:57 AM
Subject: A formal Right To Know (NH RSA 91:A) demand

Good morning,

Please consider this a formal Right to Know demand under NH Statute 91:A.

Please supply, in electronic form (e.g., Word, PDF) the Human Resource Manual that is given to all employees of the City of Nashua. I am quite sure that there will be Responsive Documents (e.g., at least the manual itself) to this request.

  • Further, this demand also is looking for all communications between Jesse Neumann (the Nashua Right To Know Coordinator) and your department to include:
  • Voice mails
  • emails
  • hard copy paperwork

Please view this list, as non-exclusive. If there are any other communications by other means, they are also to be included in this Right To Know demand.

Also as part of this demand, we are looking for a copy (electronic) of his job description. Further, any Responsive Documents that describe Nashua City Hall procedures that describe how Right To Know demands against the Right To Know Coordinator are to be handled (e.g., forestalling conflict of interests).

Kindest regards,

Skip Murphy
Gilford, NH
Co-Founder / owner, NH’s largest and most influential political blogsite
Part of NH media since 2006

Funny, however, I haven’t gotten ANY responses directly from him yet. Is he lost at sea?

To Be Continued…