Media Suffering From 'Post Trump Stress Disorder' - Nothing 'Interesting' to Cover - Granite Grok

Media Suffering From ‘Post Trump Stress Disorder’ – Nothing ‘Interesting’ to Cover

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Talk about a sad testament to the elevation of Whoever is Running the Biden Administration (WRBA). The palace guards can’t find anything interesting to report now that The Donald is citizen Trump.

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Maybe they should take a tip from CBS News. They’ve managed well enough. Sure they have to invent stories about someone other than Trump, but it has worked for them in the past.

No, they have not stopped inventing stories but making up stories bout Biden is the opposite of interesting, it’s air cover, and it is boring. Biden’s dog bites Parks Employee. Biden’s Dog craps on White House Carpet. Joe Biden strung a sentence together before wandering off-topic. See, they can’t use that last one, and the other two are iffy 20-second public interest stories if little interest to them.

There’s actually plenty to talk about. We manage it at least 10-12 times every day, and we’re all-volunteer media. So, if the fake sex-scandal stories about Republicans aren’t working out, you could try scrutinizing Whoever is Running the Biden Administration with as much rigor as how many scoops of Ice Cream President Trump preferred.

For starters. We wouldn’t want you to strain yourselves or your complete lack of credibility.