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James O’Keefe is Suing CNN and Twitter for Defamation

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James O’Keefe and Project Veritas have been up to all kinds of ‘good’ recently – exposing CNN again (and again!) as little more than Democrat Party stenographers and propagandists for the political class.

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Project Veritas released three videos featuring CNN Technical Director Charlie Chester. He confirmed the network engages in propaganda and frames its narrative to protect the Black Lives Matter movement.


You Don’t Say!

Water is wet, the sky is blue, and the Collusion News Network (CNN) manipulates coverage to protect its ideological allies. But not just protecting them, projecting them. Technical Director Charlie Chester admits that they (CNN) were,


“…trying to do some research on the Asian hate, like the people [who] are getting attacked and whatnot. A bunch of black men have been attacking Asians. I’m like ‘What are you doing? Like, we [CNN] are trying to help BLM.’ I mean, it’s individuals, it’s not a people, you know? That’s not good. The optics of that are not good. These little things like that are enough to set back movements.”


This explains why the Left seized on a shooting spree in Georgia that targeted local massage parlors to “prove” systemic Asian hate crimes (by white people). The last time we looked, “Asian hate” was not an official motivation for those shootings, but the narrative proliferates thanks to CNN and the other colluders in media.

Don’t misunderstand. There is a rise in crimes against Asians, but the story has much older and inconvenient legs, but the watchdogs at CNN won’t come out from under their porch to cover it.

For decades “hate crimes” committed by blacks against Asians in places like San Francisco have seen little coverage.

The recent rise of BLM was just another excuse to ignore a truth while creating one that does not exist.


[Chester] I mean it’s (media) just like propaganda like, it (media) can really…Like you can shape an entire people’s perception about anything on how you do it. Right?

Journalist: What do you mean by propaganda?

Chester: Like, you can shape an entire people’s perception about anything on how you do it. Right?


This is CNN’s only function in modern society, alongside kissing cousins MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, Twitter, Facebook, and Google. They perpetuate stereotypes (lies) and then defame people who expose the truth. A practice James O’Keefe has decided needs another day in court.

Not long ago, O’Keefe said they were going to start fighting back. A lawsuit against the New York Times for Defamation is moving forward, and now they have set their sights on the Counterfeit News Network and Twitter.

It’s a difficult hurdle to overcome but not intractable. Nick Sandmann got a huge (undisclosed) settlement from CNN, with others still waiting to be resolved.

We can add O’Keefe to the list: he is suing (CNN’s Brian Stelter and Ana Cabrera) for defamation and Twitter for suspending his account.

He’s looking forward to the discovery process, as are the rest of us. We should also expect more evidence from Project Veritas that these international corporate media conglomerates are not reporters or even journalists, just activists for the political left providing unreported in-kind contributions to them 24/7/365.