GrokMeetup at the Revolution Taproom - After Action Report - Granite Grok

GrokMeetup at the Revolution Taproom – After Action Report

GrokMeetUp 2

Well, I think a good time was had by all!  My thanks to all that came to the Revolution Taproom last night in Rochester. Again, as we reboot these gatherings, I steel myself that they may not be as well-received as they were before the WuFlu pandemic started.

We were getting over 50 people in Manchester and Concord at that time so I’ve been nervous about these last “rebooters” in Alstead and Rochester.

Silly me!

Almost 40 folks showed up last night and I will tell you that I was NOT surprised by the din in the room as the Readers and Groksters started yakking about politics and culture – and I was a happy guy, I must admit.

Of big import to me is that out of the attendees, 21 of them were first-timers to any GrokMeetup – I was rather bowled over at this. I still am not sure what to say, I was so surprised. A lot of new faces and names – I wish I was better at remembering names, so forgive me if I can’t remember the next time we meet.

A good time. I did have a few questions, we did a quick 2024 Prez straw poll, and I did ask one important question:

Is NH Gov Sununu “good” with you now that he has let his Mandatory Mask Emergency Order #74 lapse?

Not a single hand was seen but more than a few groans and boos were heard. So he’s done this to himself. Admittedly, we are of the most Conservative / Constitutionally based folks here in NH and that is how he is being judged. That said, these are also the “doers”, these are the activists, and these are the “Influencers” to others.

And the more GrokMeetUps we have over the next couple of years…

Straw poll: yep, just figured, spur of the moment, to ask “who do you think should run in 2024 Prez Primary given that the campaign is already in process?

Interesting. Note that people could vote multiple times but the answers amused me:

Noem – stunned silence that I would even ask

Vermin Supreme – of COURSE, he is always brought up (but no votes)

  • Haley – “No!”
  • Trump Jr – 0
  • Pompeo – 1
  • Tom Cotton – 2
  • Jim Jordon – 4
  • Dan Crenshaw – 6
  • Ted Cruz – 7.5 (1 person had a hand “kinda” half raised)
  • Alan West – 8 (and this surprised me!)
  • General Flynn – 10
  • DeSantis – 11
  • Trump – 18

Take it for what it’s worth – unscientific, small numbers – but committed Conservatives. A small window into which to peer into part of the Conservative environment here in NH.

And yes, for the record, GraniteGrok had endorsed Ted Cruz in 2016. Yet it seems, for all of the opprobrium that the MSM, Progressives, Democrats, and RINOs threw at him, Trump remains popular.

We’re looking to go to the Keene area in June – and I AM looking forward to doing this all over again!