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Everything Sununu Said About the Mask Mandate Was a LIE

New Hampshire’s self-crowned Sun-King with much fanfare announced earlier this week that he would not renew his mask mandate. Everything he said was a LIE.

Let’s go through it tweet by tweet:

The intent is to make it sound like his Highness’ mask-mandate was a resounding success. Actually, as this chart from the New York Times shows, the number of COVID cases EXPLODED after his Highness instituted the mask-mandate (November 19, 2020) and are once again on the rise:

There was an upsurge from late fall into the winter because viruses are seasonal. That is, when the weather starts getting colder we close the windows and spend more times indoors, which facilitates the spread of viruses. Then, when the weather gets warmer and we start opening the windows and spending more time outdoors, the opposite happens. That is why we talk about there being a cold and flu “season.”

His Highness’ mask-mandate obviously did NOT prevent the seasonal upsurge. There is NO data showing that mandate-States did better than other States during this time, which defeats that argument that “it would have been much worse without the mask-mandate.”

(The current spike in cases is explained by the chart which shows that a massive increase in testing occurred at the same time. In other words, the current spike is not the result of more people getting COVID, but more people getting tested for COVID.)


As I explained in detail in a prior post, cities and towns have NO legal authority to impose mask-mandates:

I covered this in a post ridiculing a Superior Court decision upholding Nashua’s mask mandate, but with more and more municipalities passing or considering mask-mandates, I decided the topic was worthy of its own post.

And as for “the ability of private businesses” to mandate masks, I don’t give a damn about the property rights of big, woke corporations that don’t give a damn about the civil liberties of everyday Americans. It should be illegal for them to require masks, which as the chart above and virtually ALL the data shows are political statements (not health measures), which makes mask-mandates coerced political speech.

And finally:

This is totally nonsensical. If we already knew “how to keep ourselves and our neighbors safe without a state mandate … before the winter surge,” then we obviously knew how to keep safe during the “winter surge.”

The real reason that Sununu instituted the mask-mandate is that Imposter-President Biden asked Governors to do so, and Sununu thought it might hurt him politically to oppose Biden. And the real reason that Sununu is not renewing the mask-mandate is that he thinks it might hurt him politically to renew it because people are FINALLY starting to question all the junk-science, in particular people are asking why they have to keep acting as if they have not been vaccinated after they have gotten vaccinated.