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Climate Mullah John Kerry Accused of Leaking Israeli Intel to His Iranian Buddies

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The Biden Administration’s Jet-Setting Climate Mullah, John Forbes Kerry, is in some hot (sorry, rising!) water. Evidence has emerged suggesting that Kerry, who is very pro-Iran, compromised Israeli intelligence by sharing sensitive information with the world’s leading sponsor of terror.


The Biden administration is refusing to weigh in on the Iranian foreign minister claiming in a leaked recording that former Secretary of State and current Special Presidential Envoy for Climate John Kerry told him about secret Israeli operations being carried out in Syria.


Is his resignation imminent?


Democrats hate Israel and, as a rule, work to undermine its sovereignty, so any appeal from them will fall on deaf ears.

The Iran deal was an Obama-era mistake that Whoever is Running the Biden Administration (WRBA) wants re-booted. Climate-Kerry was the Secretary of State and a huge backer of the deal under the Bamster.

And I’d expect or not be surprised if Iran were to leverage an announcement that it is fake or out of context in exchange for more from WRBA.

And they will do it. Kerry can continue to function as an espionage agent for the Republic of Iran disguised as captain planet.

He’s not going anywhere, except to the next conference in the private jet to barter away your affordable lifestyle in exchange for another stone on the path to global socialist governance.

And if you ask him, Iran’s nuclear ambitions are no threat to the “health” of the planet even though they’ve promised to wipe out the Jews. And then us.