A Sunday Midday Mini COVID Meme Storm - Granite Grok

A Sunday Midday Mini COVID Meme Storm

rats covid vaccine

I was saving these for the Monday Midday Meme-Storm, but then I remembered something. Many of us will be in cars or at the GrokMeet over the span of many hours. That ‘Memes’ we need content today, so let’s do a Sunday Midday Mini Meme Storm.

ICYMI: Last Monday’s Mid-Day Meme Storm

I’ll worry about Monday on Monday, which is actually the best description of running the joint. With few exceptions, we don’t have content lined up a day before; we get up each day, look at the world, and say – let’s write about this today!

Somehow that continues to work for us, and while it often puts pressure on me to find (or create) content, most of the time, it just happens.

Like Memes!

Picked from the meme factories and s***! Posters around the country, I bring you political commentary that would be funny if it were not true.


COVID19 Car repair


Vaccine realiy check

Southpark COVID fact check


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The featured image was part of last week’s Monday Meme Storm.