Monday Mid-Day Meme Storm - Granite Grok

Monday Mid-Day Meme Storm

Map States with smaller population than LA County

Do you ever find yourself with a bunch of memes you want to share but sharing them one at a time might take a while (or just annoy your followers?) Well, this is that.

ICYMI: Neither Wendy Thomas Nor Nancy Murphy Is Fit to Hold Public Office

I’ve been snagging a few here and there and they are piling up in my pics folder. It’s time to take them out and let them breathe. Or, maybe I needed a quick post and realized I had these and they might do?

Could be both.

Here they are, ten in all.

Check engine light


Conspiracy cow




Chinese Censorship


govt helping


Hate the truth


Masks cases


rats covid vaccine


Youshould need ID to vote


If sheep could vote


What do you want to eat