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60 Minutes Segment from the 1970s on the Swine Flu Vaccine They’d Rather You Not Watch

In the 1970s, 60 Minutes did a segment on the detrimental effects of a Swing Flu vaccine the Government rushed and then beg us all to get. I was 13 years old in 1976, and I remember it though not in great detail; but this report from a few years later looks strangely familiar.

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We only had three network channels and PBS and my dad was big on the news so 60 Minutes was a weekly staple so watching this was an interesting flashback with some very modern tones

Flu. Possible pandemic. We need to get vaccinated. It’s safe. President Gerlad Ford was filmed getting his shot and we all needed to roll up our sleeves.

Many did and it damaged lives.

That might explain why the same government 45 years later rushed to grant immunity to anyone and everyone involved in this pandemic vaccine free-for-all. Everyone but the citizens strong-armed into rolling up their sleeves.

It makes for some interesting if not amusing parallels. Can you imagine 60 Minutes doing this over the COVID19 vaccines?

I can’t.

So, here are the first few minutes of the segment to give you a sense of it, well worth that time. – You can watch the rest of it here if you’d like bookended by this line “I will not take another shot my government tells me to take.”

Sage advice.