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The Biden-istas (WRBA) Want to Extend Exemption to ‘Search and Seizure’ Prohibition To Include Your Home

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About 50 years ago, someone handed law enforcement a permission slip. It is an exception to the Fourth Amendment called “community caretaking.” It is exercised to justify “seizing” or searching vehicles “in the interest of public safety.” The Biden administration wants to expand that permission slip to include your home.

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A case sits before the supreme court in which police seized property (in this case, a firearm) and then lied about why they did it. They claim it was to protect a resident from potential self-harm. Neither the resident nor his wife gave permission, but the police claimed one of them had.

It is worth the trip to wander the weeds here because I’m not going to reprint all of that on these pages. The finer points matter, but I want to focus on some potential big-picture consequences.

Whoever is Running the Biden Administration (WRBA) not only wants to allow law enforcement another 4th amendment exception, they want them granted qualified immunity.

This puts a serious damper on the Fourth Amendment prohibition against illegal search and seizure, and not just of firearms. Under a broadly defined community caretaking provision, what’s to stop the cops from intervening on behalf of whatever your local government can conjure up as a threat to the general welfare?

Free from the hassle of civil suits.

It would become a red flag law for everything from your neighbor’s wood stove to reading habits that could be construed to make you a threat to the community.

And no, I don’t think I’m overreacting. A case about contraception over 50 years ago lead to the legal murder of babies at birth (at your expense and with no regard for your rights of conscience) by the same people who want this.

And if that’s not worrisome enough, the case now rests before the Supreme Court, who, despite roster improvements in recent years, is far from reliable on the matter of protecting us from the other branches of their government.

The case is Caniglia v. Strom, and nine states are siding with the Bidenistas. A few of whom may surprise you.

Iowa, Louisiana, Minnesota, Montana, Oklahoma, South Carolina, South Dakota, Texas, And Utah.