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Rhode Island Advances Bill to Make NH Even More Popular for Tourists and Job Creators

TCI Gas Tax

If we can keep Democrats from ruining the Granite State, we’re in great shape for years to come. Every state around us has gone full-stupid (or close to it), punishing their residents with higher taxes and regulations. Add to that their epic cash grab disguised as a “climate” gas tax, and you can stick a fork in them.


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Raising any taxes post-mandatory-COVID tyranny, it’s not just stupid it’s criminal. Hey, thanks for letting us punish you how about we make you pay for that? New taxes!

Granted, Rhode Island, which just advanced legislation to join the Transportation Climate Initiative, is a bit far for a casual fill-up, but it’s not so far that New Hampshire isn’t a better tourist destination. There are lower taxes, no sales tax, cheaper beer, alcohol, cigarettes, and motor-fuel, not to mention mountains, lakes, and an ocean, and RI has a lot less to offer. And Republicans are trying to lower the rooms and meals tax too.

Meanwhile, down in the Ocean State (as in Ocean of spending that needs revenues), they are giddy about pretending the TCI is about anything other than taking people’s money. To do more of that they’ve got this dreamy enabling act on climate legislation.


The effort to make reductions of planet-warming carbon dioxide emissions mandatory in Rhode Island took a big step forward Tuesday with Senate approval of the Act on Climate bill.

The landmark legislation that environmental groups, public-health experts, and citizen advocates say is necessary for the state to do more to fight climate change won passage in a 33-to-4 vote.


One RI State Senator is quoted as saying, “Climate change is real, and its impacts will continue to be devastating if we don’t take action.”


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Which climate change do you mean because it keeps, well, changing. The only constant is the progressive desire to bilk anyone with income to make the Government fatter and the regulatory oversite broader and more coercive.

It is no coincidence that more taxes, regulation, and oversight happen to undergird climate policy and every single Democrat prescription. It’s almost as if they invented climate fraud as a vehicle for the systemic abuse of the people for the benefit of the government and those who cling to it.

I’m not going to tell Rhode Island what to do, but when your job creates #RIxit to NH, don’t say no one warned you.

And hey, if you NH Dems are feeling guilty you can always drive across one of our borders into Maine, Vermont, or Mass and pay more for gas to alleviate your guilt.

Yeah, like that will ever happen.