Quick Thought - I'm Waiting For Someone On The Left To Dispute This - Granite Grok

Quick Thought – I’m Waiting For Someone On The Left To Dispute This

ISIS vs Suess and Potato Head

Every Administration takes a bit of time to get the locomotive out of the station but to take this long and wasting the first 100 days? The only thing I can think of is what I have already said.

A PressSec that is always circling back, a race and SJW infatuated SecDef, a SecTreasury that believes stuff other than money is in her wheelhouse (Green New Deal, anyone?), and Biden keeps thinking he can just utter an incantation and suspend, not just that he’s a boob fading into the mists of his mind, but can suspend the Law of Gravity (and he’s also trying to do the same to the Fundamental Laws of Economics – which listen to NO man, especially Marx and Bernie).

The only significant things are putting union workers out of work (serves them right!) and tossing away a secure border in 2 weeks flat.

So, in martial arts, if you can’t perform a head kick, you stick with the “easy” low kicks. He’s several orders magnitude lower than Trump in capability.

And that’s where Biden is (him, not talking about his Puppet Masters) is at – simple stuff.

But still stumbling.

(H/T: (Powerline)