If The "Experimental" COVID Vaccine Kills You Your Life Insurer (Probably) Does Not Have to Pay Benefits - Granite Grok

If The “Experimental” COVID Vaccine Kills You Your Life Insurer (Probably) Does Not Have to Pay Benefits


If you’re rushing to get in line for the experimental COVID19 vaccine or are on the fence, you may want to take a step back. There are known side-effects, including death, and most insurers need not pay benefits. You did, after all, volunteer to take an unapproved chemical injection.

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Every version of the vaccine being administered under the presumption that it will do something about SARS CoV2 is still unapproved. They are (literally) experimental. By signing up or getting in line, you are a willing participant in a global human trial with no guarantees.

Flu vaccines don’t prevent the flu or its spread.

Not one of these vaccines is officially approved for this use or any use by any official body.

Therefore, insurance companies are (typically) under no obligation to cover any cost associated with your voluntary participation in these human trials.

If they make you sick, your health insurance does not need to cover associated care.

If you die, Life insurers are under no obligation to pay death benefits.

And your political elites have ensured that neither you nor your family can sue the manufacturers or anyone in the chain of custody that brought this experimental vaccine from fabrication into your bloodstream.

For what?

A hyped-up flu virus that, like every flu before it, only claims the lives of the very old or very ill.

Why do you need it, or why would they make you take it?

Can you sue local, county, state, or federal governments who pushed it on you?

Could you sue an employer or service provider who refused you a service in the absence of proof you’d been immunized?

And what are you prepared to do concerning elected officials who scared you into getting it or the experts who sold you on it without telling you the risks, including how harms, including death, might not be covered by the insurance you have?

Call or write your insurance company and ask them. We think you’ll be unpleasantly surprised, after which you may want to stay the hell away from these vaccines until they have been tested and approved by some entity your insurers recognize.

And yes, we will happily correct the record for any insurer who tells you in writing that they will cover injury or death benefits connected to your voluntarily receiving the unapproved experimental COVID19 Vaccine.