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If a Woman Got Paid More to Play Soccer Than a Man Is Megan Rapinoe Still a Victim of the Mythical Pay Gap?

Megan Rapinoe

Today is “equal pay” day. The theoretical day up to which women must work in the following year to make as much as a man did in the previous year. Lower GI Joe Biden invited Hyper-Feminist Megan Rapinoe to the White House to sing to the choir about it.

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And sing she did.

Irrespective of anything else, she says women in professional Soccor make less than men. But not always. The LA Times reports that in 2018 the women’s team was paid more than the men. They also have paid health benefits and a retirement plan which the men lack.

Oh, and then there’s this inconvenient truth. Rapinoe, who – despite being an exceptional woman athlete draws a much smaller audience than her male counterparts.

If Performance matters on the field, why not anywhere else? Maybe ask Megan; I’m sure she’s got an answer. But it’s like a small business owner complaining that they make less money because fewer people are interested in their wares, which begs this question. Is her militant millionaire feminist schtick attracting a larger audience or putting people off?

To her credit and that of her team, the US Women’s team does better playing other women’s teams. And I was not kidding about her being an outstanding women’s athlete. She has earned her millions (plus all that scratch from endorsement deals). Kudos, and may that continue for as long as you excel in your chosen career.

I don’t watch soccer, nor do I care much for the sport. My interest is entirely the result of the ax she keeps grinding—a tool with more than one edge and how it might impinge the culture. Example?

Men pretending to be women in a world that accepts that (the same one pushing the pay gap myth) will rob Megan and her teammates of their job or that of the biological women who follow them. From making money to looking for a job.

Coaching Soccer where boys and men are women?

Will she be mad if they go professional and make more or less than her or both?

While you were at the White House, maybe you should have used your few minutes to address that gap instead?


For good measure, the pay gap has been a lie since at least the ’70s.