Former Federal Prosecutor Wants to Force Every Business in America to Say The Election Results Were Accurate (Or Else?) - Granite Grok

Former Federal Prosecutor Wants to Force Every Business in America to Say The Election Results Were Accurate (Or Else?)

Make Speech Free Again

A former Federal Prosecutor named Glenn Kirshner wants every business in America to swear that “The 2020 presidential election was free and fair, and produced accurate, reliable results.” And what happens if you do anything but what he asks?

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Assuming this fascist loyalty oath to election results gets its legs, failing to bend the knee will get you and your business canceled.

The final piece asks companies to “not support, donate to or endorse politicians, political campaigns or political action committees that promoted false conspiracy theories surrounding the 2020 presidential elections (or otherwise acted in ways contrary to a representative democracy).”


“What we’re trying to do is force companies’ hands so they can’t be agnostic,” Kirschner said.


So, fascism?

This is not new or unique. FDR tried it. His National Industrial Recovery Act and the National Recovery Administration created disincentives to avoid embracing government-preferred policy. If you ‘joined the team’ your reward was a Blue Eagle Banner which you displayed “out front.”


FDRs NRA blue eagle sign


American patriots were encouraged to frequent these establishments and shun others – without any regard for the byzantine approval process or the often incompatible demands of the policy for most businesses. The Blue Eagle was not long for that American Landscape, but it symbolized both the undergirding and overarching philosophy of FDR and the New Dealers.

Fascism so real that both Hitler and Mousillin were fans of FDR’s new way forward.

Kirshner’s plan is no different. You demand that debate end, and your reward is that you won’t face a mob or get de-platformed or have your operation assaulted until you bend or break. It’s all the rage. Look at the storefronts of many businesses, and you’ll see one of these or one very similar.

face-mask-required ign


People are fearmongered into choosing compliant operators while failure to comply in many jurisdictions could get yet you fined, searched without a warrant, shut down – and potentially run out of business, if or after you were “allowed” to open under their strict rules, policed the very public you are trying to serve.

That’s fascism, people.

And that much more since the survival rate for ‘the virus’ is close to 100%. But there they are, in every store window, begging you to comply or making you leap through hoops if you refuse, subject to ugly stares and insults from your fellow citizens.

And that’s what Kirshner is after because why?

I guess he’s not feeling too secure about the public perception of the election. Not comfortable that the evidence speaks for itself. Why else go to the trouble, unless you just some skeeving Marxist assh*le who can’t tolerate dissent.

He may be that. I did not look but let’s forget all that and try this for contrast and, I guess, context.

Someone should start a movement to require businesses to acknowledge the sanctity of traditional marriage, or that life begins at conception, or, wait for it – fidelity to the first amendment. The right to challenge Fascists, especially when they insist they are anti-fascists.

You know, free speech, the opposite of what Kirschner has in mind.