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COVID19: New Hampshire Mandates, Florida Doesn’t – Result? (No Difference!)

Sununu as a lamb

The result of months of COVID19 data crunching has borne fruit. Despite our masking, mandates, and all that, we’ve done no better than Florida, which had none of this. So why does Chris Sununu keep extending the so-called emergency?

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Florida bailed on mandatory COVID rules last summer. Everyone there, residents and tourists alike, are free to make their own adult choices. Mask, no mask, distance, no distance, open for business with any or none of that.  Their kids went to school. People came and went.

Here in New Hampshire, we added mask mandates, and the pall of the emergency continues to plague us, but our numbers are not much, if at all, better than Florida.

Translation. We should have reopened last summer, stayed that way, and made kids go back to the classroom.

After a year with COVID and most of that year with none of the Flununu mandates, New Hampshire’s survival rates are only fractionally better.

In Florida, Deaths as a percentage of positive cases,

0-64 years of age – 0.3% (99.7% Survival rate)

65+ years of age – 9.26% (90.74% Survival Rate)


In New Hampshire, Death as a percentage of Positive Cases,

0-60 years of age  0.6 % (99.9% Survival Rate)

60+ years of age 7.16% (92.84% Survival Rate)

There is no easy way to adjust the differences in reporting, but it is easy to speculate.

If NH reported up to age 65 (instead of 60), that 0.2% difference would evaporate, and that’s extremely important to the debate.

This virus did not treat everyone equally. People over 60, more specifically 65+, are always more susceptible to flu. This means that with a few exceptions, the entire working-age population of the state of Florida was working (or going to school) while we were niggling over unnecessary lockdowns and restrictions that come with real-world public health consequences.

With no difference in COVID-related Public health outcomes. Results, I feel obligated to remind everyone placed the majority of that population at a 0.1% risk of mortality, even with comorbidities.

And New Hampshire will have long-term COVID-response-related medical and mental health problems that Florida never will.

In Florida, governor DeSantis took the Live Free or Die mantra to heart and let the people be adults and decide for themselves.

And in New Hampshire, Chris Sununu and his Democrat COVID-terrorism sidekicks treated us like children for no measurable public health benefit while saddling us with significant economic and mental-health consequences.

And they are still at it.

You need to ask why, and you need to call your legislators, especially your State Senators, and tell them it is time to put guardrails on the Governor’s Office and to reign in the abuse of emergency powers.