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We’d Like to Share Your Radio Program or Podcast

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For three years, ‘GrokTALK!’ was a two-hour weekly live stream and podcast. It’s been three years since I hung it up, and we’re still pondering ways to reboot that. Until then I’d like to use our GrokTALK! Channel to curate other people’s podcasts and radio programs to share with our substantial audience.

This is where I’ll need a bit of help.

I could spend a few weeks looking for programs, or the readers could send me links to shows they believe would be suitable.

I’m looking for New Hampshire podcasts and radio shows to start, whether online versions of terrestrial radio programming or straight-up internet fare.

If you have video, these will be converted to MP3 to address file size concerns. Hosts will get credited and linked from Granitegrok.com to their episode, program page, or website.

A few guidelines.

  • It has to be politically compatible with what we do.
  • Mild adult language is okay, but we’d like to stay away from that.
  • Programs up to an hour in length or one hour of any program even if it is longer (we’ll link to the rest).
  • Programming from New Hampshire first, but I’ll consider stuff from Vermont, Maine, and elsewhere if I like it.
  • We do not guarantee we will share any content but if we carry your show we will try to share it on a regular schedule.
  • Shows that run daily won’t get shared daily but if we like them we’ll run them at least once a week.
  • This will not be live streaming; these will be podcast versions only (for now).

I’m sure there are other things I’ll think of later, but the first order of business is to see if there are shows out there we can share and what sort of interest our audience has in our sharing them.

So, that’s your homework assignment.

Email your suggestions to steve@granitegrok.com. Please include GrokTALK! in the subject line.

A video version under the GrokTV! Brand is not unlikely if this goes over well.