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Sunday Funnies – AOC Survives Harrowing Encounter With…

AOC with kennedy

One of the big stories last week was the revelation that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who revealed her harrowing brush with death on Instagram, was not in the US Capitol when it was invaded. She may have had a brush with a handle to fix her hair, but not much else.

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The internet took notice.

They are calling her #AOCSmollett which fits, but it’s not new. We recounted a few of her past fibs and frauds here.

Meme time!

AOC Titanic


AOC Ceaser Stabbed by US Senators Meme


AOC forrest gump AOC Iwo Jima AOC You werent there

No, she was not there.

And for a Jussie Smollett refreshers, look here.