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How About If The Voter Identification Advisory Committee Did Its Damn Job


Now might be the time to crank up some intestinal fortitude and ask for the recommendations of the VOTER IDENTIFICATION ADVISORY COMMITTEE.

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If there was any “advising” going on, nobody leaked it to me yet.

I remember Speaker Jasper’s improvised 2016 cross-check of NH driver’s license holders v. NH voters. That simple request came up with an astonishing 5,313 questionable domiciles of NH voters in a US Senate race that changed hands by 1,017 votes. But that was only for one day. Speaker Jasper did not ask to check the Presidential Primary that year.

There are about 50 bills in 2021 our new legislature will be reviewing regarding elections and how many out-of-state volunteers show up to help us pick candidates for office. I know many are excited to tackle this thorny problem. These new legislators should start by reviewing laws other legislatures have passed.

Voter Identification Advisory Committee

Section 652:24

652:24 Voter Identification Advisory Committee. –

    1. There is established a voter identification advisory committee. The committee shall review the implementation of voter identification requirements after every state general election. If the committee determines that problems exist requiring statutory changes, the committee shall report its findings to the senate and house standing committees with jurisdiction over election laws.
    2. The members of the committee shall be as follows:

(a) The secretary of state or designee.

(b) The president of the senate or designee.

(c) The speaker of the house of representatives or designee.

(d) The governor or designee.

(e) The president of the New Hampshire City and Town Clerks’ Association, or his or her representative.

III. The committee shall meet at the call of the secretary of state or designee, who shall serve as chairperson.

Source. 2012, 284:2, eff. June 27, 2012.

If the new Speaker asked the Dept. of Safety to match the NH Secret Statewide Voter Database with current NH driver’s licenses for the 2020 election, what do you think he would find?

You think maybe some of the 2016 out-of-state drivers who used their license as ID to vote are still on the NH checklists?

What a great start in discussing domicile of NH voters in 2021.