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Betcha You Don’t See This in a Homeschooling Situation

Classroom students fighting

Do you want your kids in this situation – getting the snot beat out of them in class? Or even worse, the child that’s instigated this battle in a classroom?

The teacher can’t stop it, the whole class is fighting at Trending Views

No, there is no other context given in this post – but from what I’ve seen online about some Govt schools, especially those in urban areas, this is not unknown. Perhaps not the norm (and I’m not trying to portray it as such) but it happens.

So what happens in such a setting?

Certainly those doing the fighting aren’t learning. Those that are on the fringes of this that get caught up in it (e.g., those being bullied and try to defend themselves) aren’t learning. If they are gangbangers fight over some slight or turf, they certainly are learning. And there are those that may be going to “school” simply because they enjoy being disruptive – learning is the last thing on their minds.

But what about the kids who DO want to learn? What happens to them? How can you learn when you’re constantly looking over your shoulder, constantly in that anxious state that the above is going to happen? And the time spent is the above getting ready to happen, the fighting that DOES happen, the time spent clearing the classroom, the time spent in restoring order? And the time spent “coming down” from that – how do THESE kids ever get that time back to do what they came for – LEARN?

They don’t – and Janie and Johnny never learn to read, write, do arithmetic, learn history, figure out chemistry….you get the picture.  They don’t learn either.

And the Educational-Industrial Complex says “oh, Society has made them fight” and excuses them. Or go all SJW / Black Lives Matter / AntiRacism / Defend the Police all the while demanding more money for the teachers and coddle the “students” doing the fighting for one reason after another. And the kids who want to learn get shuffled off the stage, out of their chairs…

…and out of Life because, just like in Detroit for one example, they’re illiterate. That’s IS what Detroit is like (not that the above clip is from, just that the stats from Detroit say such).

And the EIC wonders why kids are being pulled out because of parents have had enough of their employees failing to do the jobs they’ve been paid to do. They’re taking back and reversing the jobs they outsourced to Government and doing it themselves.

They’ve had enough and they don’t want their kids to suffer either the immediate or long term consequences of behavior (or indoctrinational) problems  that have been exposed. The teaching profession is all up in arms in the School Choice movement that is starting to rumble forward at greater speeds; just look at the outcry here in NH about the Education Freedom grants  and all the yelling that that all that money SHOULD be theirs in GOvernment schools only.

Screw that – it was the Parents money first (yes, the question that Bruce Currie, retired teacher, refuses to answer) before Government took it. And now that sector of Government refuses to acknowledge that it fails. In the Private Sector, the money can be withdrawn at any time.

But seemingly, even as enrollments are downward trending, the teacher unions always want more and more.

And we get to watch the above clip for that price.

(H/T: Trending Views)