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A Week After Dissing Trump Nikki Haley Asks for a Meeting – The Donald Says No!

Nikki Haley

A few days after declaring herself a neo-con anti-Trumper Nikki Haley realized the error of her ways. She tried to patch things up with an op-ed to the Wall Street Journal filled with a ‘Trump did good things’ word salad. Fences mended? Let bygones be bygones? Not a chance.

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When she asked for a face-to-face meeting with Mr. Trump, he basically said, you’re fired!

It started and ended, for Haley, a week ago when she said, “[W]e shouldn’t have followed him, and we shouldn’t have listened to him. And we can’t let that ever happen again.” 


As Don Surber notes, “How cute. She thinks this will endear her to the press. That will never happen. They hate her and want her to die.”

She has become another useful idiot, like the Lincoln Project, a parade of clowns looking for crumbs from the ruling class table. When in Rome, I suppose, but at what price?


New Hampshire’s Kelly Ayotte made a similar mistake in 2016 that ended her bid for re-election to the US Senate. She lost by fewer than 1000 votes because she would not back Trump.

Ayotte never tried to mend any fences; though rumor has it, she’d like to replace Chris Sununu as governor of NH after he whoops Maggie Hassan’s backside and takes her Senate seat away in 2022 (also a rumor).

Ayotte as Governor would be bad.

Kelly is a cog in the same machine that’s deliberately stalling on the election scandal in Windham. She ignored mountains of election fraud evidence as NH AG under Democrat John Lynch. But the old party money would pile up if she ran, and Sununu – still very popular here – would endorse her.

Nikki Haley

Nikki Haley has no such safety net.

Her gig as the US Ambassador to the UN elevated her to iconic status. Her handling of the globalists while promoting Trump’s foreign policy was legion. She had presumptive nominee potential until she fell in with the same folks that took Ayottee from a Club for Growth rating of A to D in just two years. The McCain-Neo-Con-Globalist wing.

All Haley had to do was keep her mouth shut and wait. She couldn’t do it. Her search for relevance in the post-Trump media bilge has soured her chances.

Maybe she was always one of them, and the UN stint was an outlier. Not maybe, clearly. And now she’s been ejected from the Trump orbit.

Some might think that’s a good thing, but recent polling suggests over 70% of Americans are done with Republicans and Democrats and would support a third party. Most of those are independents and Republicans, and they supported Trump.

Sure, Trump says he has dropped the idea of a new party, but Abraham Lincoln won running as a Third Party candidate.

Never say never, and maybe that could apply to Nikki Haley, though I’m sure how she fixes this “very fine mess she’s gotten herself into.”